Friday, October 9, 2009

Google Sniper Review and Bonus

Google Sniper Review and Bonus

Google Sniper Review and Bonus

Hello and welcome to the Google Sniper Review and Bonus site! If you're looking for the official Google Sniper site - CLICK HERE!

Keep reading below to read the rave review of George Brown's Google Sniper and how-to receive your special bonus!

First off, what is Google Sniper? And why am I providing a Google Sniper Review and Bonus?

Well, Google Sniper is one of THE best training programs on the internet! If you're looking for a way to take your income (online income) to the next level....then you NEED Google Sniper. Or maybe, if you've NEVER marketed online, this is the PERFECT start!

Google Sniper Review and Bonus

The best thing about it is that you rely on totally FREE traffic! Read my summary of Google Sniper below to find out exactly what it is, how it's laid out, etc...

Google Sniper Review and Bonus

What is Google Sniper?

Google Sniper is a comprehensive training program consisting of an extensive guide to 'keyword sniping' and learning how to make BOATLOADS of cash on the internet....for virtually no out-of-pocket cost! It also comes with a series of videos as well to further explain in detail how-to get on the first page of Google!

Why do I love this system and why am I writing a
Google Sniper Review and Bonus?

It's the first ever system to actually help make me money. I can't exactly tell you what the average user will make, but I know for certain that you can form a 6-figure business by following the steps that George has outlined within this product!

I won't go into detail as to what I make...but it is quite a bit of money now that I've been ramping up my efforts with this system! I certainly have my share of being on the first page of Google. And we all know that being on the first page of Google + monetization = $.

In the guide and videos, George takes you through every step of the process in vivid detail.
  • How to set up your FIRST sniper site and start making $$$$
  • How to properly monetize your site
  • How to properly SEO your site so you're sitting on the first page of Google
  • How to get your site built in a matter of hours (NOT DAYS)
  • How to ramp up your efforts for MAXIMUM $$$$$
I can't enough good things about this system. It's more than a system, it's a complete training guide and step-by-step blueprint to starting your 6-figure internet business. No special skills required!

This guys been making upwards of $10k or $15k every single month for a while now…and he's revealing how he did it! So you want proof, huh? Here's George demonstrating some proof that Google Sniping does indeed work!

If you're ready to start sniping Google's front page search results, check out this SPECIAL offer below....

Alright, now this wouldn't be much of a review if I didn't offer you some special bonuses and goodies for purchasing through my affiliate I right?

Google Sniper Review and Bonus


That's what you're really here for, right? We don't skimp around, and haven't seen bonuses match up to what we're offering...


Profit Booster Pack ($67 value):

Get access to some of the best-looking graphics that even your designer can't design! Utilize these ridiculously good-looking graphics on your sales pages, your sniper sites, wherever, for more conversions!


Turbo Power Graphics ($27 value):

Another awesome graphics pack with some unique-looking graphics designed to FIRE up your sales!


Marketing Graphics Mega Pack ($37 value):

Huge collection of excellent web 2.0 buttons and various other symbols to maximize trust and increase conversion rates.


8 IM Scripts ($27 value):

Super-hot collection of 8 internet marketing scripts to help transform your sales pages into converting machines.


Complete Dating Marketing Pack ($28 value):

Kick-start your dating marketing efforts with a COMPLETE dating pack to get you going. Comes with a few designs, wordpress theme, squeeze page, thank you page, and more!


Secret Bonus:


You want THIS bonus package, it's simple:

Step #1: Go to your internet browser's settings and select "delete cookies" - this just clears out other tracking cookies that may be in there.

Step #2: Buy Google Sniper by using any of the links on this page (including the add to cart button below). On the order page, make sure it says [affiliate=prosalemed], then you know you're golden.

OK, let's review...

You get the Google Sniper System for $77 + 6 BONUSES!

How to redeem your bonuses:

All you have to do to get your bonuses is send an email to:, with
Subject line: Google Sniper Bonuses

Send your order receipt and you'll be sent your bonus package immediately!

So go on, this is an amazing offer that you won't see anywhere else! See you on the other side!

Google Sniper R